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Ice Breaker Questions

Easy-Peasy Icebreaker Questions

These icebreakers are ideal for introducing a new team member, getting your team to open up with each other, discussing simple subjects, and establishing connections.

Pick some of these easy icebreaker questions below to start a virtual meeting off the right way.

Pop-Culture Icebreaker Questions to Ask Your Virtual Team

Because knowing the other team members’ tastes and preferences could help you bond and find common ground with them, we have gathered some ice breaker questions that can be asked to your virtual team.

Exciting & Fun Icebreakers Questions

If you want to lighten up the mood of your conference call, choose among those fun icebreaker questions and get your virtual team to share some laughs and anecdotes!

“Would You Rather” Icebreaker Questions

If your team members don’t know each other yet and need help opening up, you could use some of these easy and fun “would you rather” questions below:

Food and Drink Icebreaker Questions

These yummy ice breakers are perfect for getting to know your squad’s tastes.

Bonus game: Next time you head to a team’s lunch, challenge one person of the team to order for everyone based on what he learned!

Deeper Virtual Ice Breaker Questions for Team Building

Suppose your virtual team has already been functioning for some time. In that case, you might dig deeper with questions that stimulate a bit more reflection and thoughts.

Here are some examples to help you find the creative virtual ice breaker questions for your next team-building exercise or team meeting!

Travel-inspired ice breaker questions are perfect for inspiring conversation!

Travel Ice Breaker Questions

Who doesn’t dream of traveling? Well, we can’t promise that we’ll get back to normal soon. Still, you can already try those virtual icebreaker questions and travel through our peers’ experiences and stories!

Creative Ice Breaker Questions About Remote Work Life

Because a common topic remote teams share those days is simply the fact of working from home, break the ice between team members by asking about their daily remote life!

Here are a few virtual ice breakers to get you started:

Virtual Icebreaker Questions That Might Turn Controversial

Some questions don’t have a correct answer… But yet, everyone has their own opinion on the topic!

During your next team building, ask these highly debated questions to get the conversation going and see where everyone stands on the matter.


Q: How do you get an elephant on top of an oak tree?

A: Stand him on an acorn and wait fifty years.

Q: Why do ducks have flat feet?

A: From stomping out forest fires!

Q: Why do elephants have flat feet?

A: From stomping out burning ducks!

Q: How can you tell if an elephant is under your bed?

A: The ceiling is very close!

Q: How do you tell an elephant from a field mouse?

A: Try to pick it up, If you can't, it's either an elephant or a very overweight field mouse.

Q: What do you give a seasick elephant?

A: Lots of room.

Why did the chicken cross the road?  To get to the other side.

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